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Disclosure Statement

a)     Margin trading brings a high amount of risk to your assets and your losses may exceed your initial investment amount.

b)     Our Anti-Money Laundering Compliance may be very strict. Any kind of activities may relate to money laundering are seriously treated. We reserve the right of final explanation and all the terms of defining anti-money laundering are affiliated to UK laws.    

c)     Please read our risk warning carefully before registering your account.
c1. Understand that your personal information provided to us will be used for account registration, management, and maintenance.

c2. We promise that we will not sell or transfer your personal information to any third-party organization except those relating to the normal operation of our business. These include credit card processing and verification centers, law enforcement agencies, financial or other regulatory agencies, auditing and compliance departments (if you, or your company are regulated by governmental financial regulatory entities), and agents that have entered into agreements with us.

c3. If we can provide you with other services, your information may be forwarded to other subsidiaries affiliated with the AVIC group. We use Google Analytics advertising features to collect the geographic information of our users who visit the site. If you do not want Google to access your location information, you can contact Google at any time to cancel the setting.

c4. We may provide some personal information to other related margin products trading companies, except for any open position information.
Note: Our main channel for obtaining customer information comes from the client personally. However, we also reserve the right to obtain information from other agencies such as credit rating agencies, voter registration lists, anti-fraud agencies and so on.

c5. We may use the information we have already obtained to introduce new products or provide better service to our customers or potential customers through direct or indirect marketing.

d)     All employees of AVIC have been fully trained to handle confidential customer information.
We keep all personal information as secure as possible on a secured storage device in a safe database. Any information that is not stored in the database is stored on a secured paper file that is kept in a safe location that no one without authorization can access.

e)     The AVIC website has a social plug-in that will let us know that your browser is viewing our site and collect your IP address information. If you do not wish to share this information, please make sure that you have already logged out of your social media account before viewing our site.

f)      Our website may install cookies on your computer in order to help you navigate the site and serve you by knowing your needs. If you do not need this plug-in, you can turn off this feature via your computer settings, but after the feature is turned off, it may affect your experience on our website.

g)     We will strive to ensure the accuracy of our customer information and to update it in a timely manner. However, it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your personal information. In accordance with governmental regulations, you have the right to obtain a copy of our personal information about you so that you may inform us of any inaccuracies in our information. You can email us with your request and provide your identity information at the same time. We will charge this for you and notify you of the change before sending the documents requested. In accordance governmental regulations, the whole process will take about 14 working days.

h)     AVIC does not accept any form of disrupting the order of the financial market. If our risk control department finds that this type of behavior has occurred, we will notify the customer in writing and have the right to obtain written evidence from the customer in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authority and carry out further actions.