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Group Introduction

AVIC “Broaden Your Trades”

Group Profile

Our team

  AVIC is professional from the London as a foreign exchange, Crypto currencies broker and service team. The core of the team Members have many years well-known experience of international Banks, financial institutions.


Our service

  Professional customer service stands by 12 working hours a day. Clients who deposit more than GBP 100 thousand will receive an exclusive account manager from AVIC. Webinar trading tutorials will be held occasionally. 


Our business

  AVIC employs some of the industry's top fin-tech professionals in order to provide the excellent investing experience to the clients who are with us. IT department is crewed by experienced engineers to maintain stable connections to CME, UBS, Goldman Sachs and etc. which are world largest exchanges and central liquidity counterparties. 

Group development

AVIC Group is founded in London, which is a leading provider of financial services all over the UK. AVIC has been engaged in providing financial investment service for global wholesale customers for past few years. With the rapid development of global financial markets, the scope of business of AVIC is expanding globally accordingly. Since 2019, AVIC has set up branch offices in several areas such as New York and Hong Kong etc. AVIC aims to provide clients with the opportunity of the highest possibility in financial market. In foreign exchange markets and Crypto trading, AVIC provides the first-class quality service. AVIC has insisted on having a positive attitude to provide service for each customer.

Our expert

AVIC is willing to build a world-class financial services platform and also provide the advanced secure online trading technical support with reliable customer service for our investors. Michael Omaha is the CEO, as well as Tim Robinson and Takao Sakho are prior FIXAPI technical professionals in this group.

Tim Robinson


Takao Sakho

Senior FIX Engineer

Michael Omaha